During the holiday season, sending out Christmas Cards is a tradition that individuals have been practicing for years. You can create these cards for personal use to give to friends and family or for professional use to send to clients, prospects and work colleagues; Christmas Greeting Cards are a perfect way to stay in touch!

Why not design some personalised Christmas Greeting Cards this year instead of purchasing the generic store-bought cards? It is a more personal way to send season’s greetings.

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Showcase Group Photos

Sending out a group photo of all the family members is a simple and efficient way to give friends and family a more personalised Christmas Greeting Card. To send cards to your associates and clients, businesses can also follow the same ideology and take a collective photo of the whole team.

Showcase a Drawing of your Child

These make for a cute card that close friends and family members would love, this is a great idea for sending a special Christmas gesture.

Present your Brand

Add the holiday spirit but still concentrate on your brand when sending out personalised Christmas Cards to prospects and clients. By integrating your logo and promotional messages into the design, you can create more memorable connections.

Elements for Christmas

With Christmas elements in your Custom Greeting Card design, you cannot go wrong. To give your card a more festive look, you can choose elements such as Christmas trees, adornments, a snowman, nativity scene, gingerbread house, and more.


Typographic cards appear sleek and modern. Use one of many fonts to create a personalised message instead of showing a picture on the front of the card. If you choose you can add a picture on the inside of the card so that the recipient will get a lovely surprise when they open it up.

Wrapping Up

There is no better feeling than making your loved ones laugh, design a Christmas card so that when it is opened, it will have them laughing in stitches. As a family, try making silly faces or using funny props such as reindeer horns and Santa beards.

Do not worry about making the perfect Christmas card, instead try making the most personal one that best represents your message. At Universal Approach, we hope these tips will help you get creative and build something to give to your friends and family that you will be proud of.

Universal Approach offers several Custom Greeting Card Printing options for Christmas. Add special elements and print them in several sizes to ensure you create a product that is perfect for sending to personal or professional contacts in your life. Printed DLX white plain face envelopes and standard postage are included in the price.

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