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Eco-friendly Printing Services

We understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment.

Universal Approach is committed to the protection of the environment. Wherever practically possible, we implement eco-friendly practice. This includes recycling our waste, use of materials that are from renewable or sustainable resources and sourcing materials from local manufacturers.

All paper, printing consumables and packaging material is recycled to reduce our environmental footprint.

We encourage our suppliers and customers to consider the environment and adopt a environmentally sustainable approach to their processes. Not only are we contributing to the environmental effort, we are promoting your business as a good corporate citizen.

We can help you to reduce carbon footprints by offering the following:

  • Paper: 100% recycled paper
  • Envelopes: 60% or 100% recycled envelopes
  • Plastics: Degradable plastic for magazines

Every change makes a difference, no matter how small it is.