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Reason to Choose Us

Peace of mind

Our job is to give you total peace of mind. You’ll be kept right up to date with the progress of your project. We will contact you at every stage of production and supply you with any proofs you need. Knowing every aspect of your work with us is confidential and on schedule, allows you more time to concentrate on the other elements of your marketing. We have the expertise to do your job done on time, within budget and beyond your expectations.

100% Mailings

As with any production process, spoils or damaged inserts is a possibility. You will be surprised to learn that many other mailing houses will just dispose of these. However should any mail get damaged during our production phase, we will reprint and re-mail these at no additional expense. And don't worry about any that do get damaged, we will shred any items that contain personal information before being disposed of.

You can rely on us

Your Account Manager at Universal Approach takes a ‘hands on’ approach. They will fully understand what’s required, check your project at every stage and sign off final production assembly as it happens. You’re welcome to visit us at any time to ensure everything is right. You’ll soon realise you can save time because of our attention to every detail.

We care

You are important to us. We want to ensure you come back to us for all your printing, mailing & packing needs. You will get used to us going that ‘extra mile’ for you, to ensure you always get the result you need.


You need flexible production timetables and someone who will react quickly when you have short lead-times. Simply, we pledge to do absolutely everything possible to ‘get the job done’ when that happens. The way we overcome your challenges is what differentiates us from our competitors.

The right choice

Over 90% of our first time clients trust us with there second job and over 80% become regular users of our services. We service more then 300 clients on regular basis. These figures alone tell you that Universal Approach is the correct choice for you. You will benefit from a constant and growing pool of knowledge about you and your work, so we can make a greater contribution to your organisation year after year.

Competitive Pricing

We keep our costs low, so you pay for great results, not for overheads. We regularly check the pricing of our competitors to ensure our pricing is amongst the best that is currently on offer. It is for this reason that we know you will find it difficult to beat our prices.

Quality Control

We apply the same tight quality procedures regardless of the size of the job. Being granted Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner status is the single largest guarantee that demonstrates that we adopt best practices in terms of quality.

Long-term relationships

We all seek to serve our customers more effectively in order to grow and prosper. You will find a partner that invests to ensure cost-effective and up-to-date solutions that are available and delivered in a highly flexible and responsive manner. You’ll have the benefit of a facility that is big enough to have the resource and small enough to ensure that you will always be important to us.

The Environment

We are committed to caring for the environment.