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Our sophisticated system makes it very easy for any company to send any transactional mail. All you need to do is email us the file generated by you financial system and we do the rest. Our system identifies how many pages a particular client is receiving and then collate, fold and insert them in 1 envelope.

Our intelligent inserting machines are able to read marks printed by our system on each mail piece to obtain information about the length of the document and which inserts are to be included with it. This means we can insert items with variable page counts for each recipient automatically while ensuring that only the information specific to the addressee is included in each envelope. These mark are read by the machine and allows the inserter to know if the page received is in the correct order and that the integrity of the document set is correct.

Running at speeds up to 4000 pieces per hour, our automatic folding & inserting machines accurately complete even the most complicated mailings jobs faster than ever before. This provides cost control and focused marketing opportunities as inserts can be tailored to an actual individual recipient's situation.

No more sorting & inserting of statement and invoices by hand, use a smarter way of doing it by using our intelligent software & machines.

Can be useful for following purposes:

  • Statement
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Payslips
  • Membership Renewals
  • Group Certificates
  • Servicing Reminders
  • Budget Payment Plans
  • Direct Debit Applications
  • Fuel Card Statements
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Surveys